Neo Arcadia 2

Team Mad Cyber
  •   17 Игрок Double Elimination
  •   Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
  •   June 12, 2016 за 7:00 PM -05
  •   Регистрация: 6:00 - 7:00
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Pls save replay and send it to TMC HQ NNID:cuba7485

Chat Room:Anther´s Ladder Chat Rooms and NeoArc

-2 Stocks, 6 Minutes by default.
-No items.
-Double Elimination: Best of 3 rounds, Best of 5 for Winners / Losers / Grand Finals.
-No customs by default.
-Miis are allowed with any set of moves and any size.

-Every game you must advice the other player  if change of  character.

-Can´t repeat stages.
-If the match was great save the replay.

STARTERS (For game 1, players either strike: 1-2-1, or agree on a stage):
-Final Destination / Omegas
-Lylat Cruise
-Town and City

COUNTERPICKS (For games 2 onward, the winner of the previous game bans two stages from Starters + Counterpicks and
the loser picks from the remaining stages):
-Castle Siege
-Deflino Plaza
-Duck Hunt
-N64 Kirby's Dreamland
-Umbra Clock Tower 


-Pirate Ship

-Peach Castle

Chat Room:Anther´s Ladder Chat Rooms and NeoArc

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